About me

I'm Rahil Shah, College Freshman, CTFer, network engineer, and coder.
I'm interested in computer science and cyber security, some of my code
and exploits can be found here on this site.

CTF stuff

I participate in CTFs under the team "Dice Gang", the 13th best CTF team in the world in 2020. I also compete wtih the team "Redpwn" and formerly with "Troy Tech Support" and go by the screen name Green Beans. I specialize in binary exploitation and reverse engineering


I have competed in CyberPatriot for the last four years at Troy High School. I won the national championship in 2019 and came 3rd in 2020. I am now attending UC San Diego and hope to assist their Collegiate Cyber defense team as we go into the new season

Baked goods

Here's a link to an album with some of my creations

Philo Papers

I enjoy reading and writing philosophy. Here are a few of the papers I am proud of